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Many schools across the world are being closed because of the spread of coronavirus. Most students are forced to move to online learning, but parents and teachers are starting to fear about how to get an intuitive and adequate e-learning experience.

An productive but low-cost teaching tool

This is where the XP-Pen graphics tablet or display comes in. It’s an efficient but affordable teaching tool that accommodate the best features of conventional and new teaching media. It helps create a modern, online lecture, just like a classic blackboard only more versatile. Our tablet allows users to hand-draw images, graphics, and diagrams to create information-rich content for an interactive learning experience, even in a virtual learning situation.

 E-learning with XP-Pen graphics tablet or display's

Here’s how the XP-Pen tablet or display helps you with e-learning.

Enter an online class anywhere.

Start your distance learning program from home. As long as you have linked your tablet to the computer and use the right e-learning apps, such as Zoom, Udemy, Ding Talk, WizIQ, XSplit, Twitch, Idroo, and Scribblar, you can enter an online class anytime.

Ideal for distance learning and teaching.

Simultaneous digital writing with an XP-Pen graphics tablet, compatible with Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Present your handwritten content accurately – ideal for your e-learning or online learning program.

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XP-Pen for e-learning or online learning program
XP-Pen helps ease wrist pain.

Long teaching lessons made easier.

The XP-Pen battery-free stylus helps ease the wrist pain and stiffness that come with using a traditional mouse during long teaching lessons. No batteries or charging are required, and it comes with the functionality of a standard computer mouse and more!

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Engage and inspire students like never before.

Teachers can create and explain on-line content visually by writing, editing, and comment directly in files and sharing their screen in real-time. With this flexibility, the flow of the problem-solving process is showed intuitively and precisely.

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XP-pen sharing screen in real-time
XP-Pen for online streaming

Explore your further career progress.

If you are a teacher pursuing further career development and personal achievement, you probably want to broadcast your courses to your streaming or online learning platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Bloc, Twitch, Udemy, Khan Academy, and Codecademy. Harness the power of the XP-Pen tablet or display to make your courses exclusive, intuitive, and interesting.

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Hold your online courses visually and effectively.

While streaming or broadcasting, teachers can use a stylus and a tablet to mark files or presentations, comment images, and draw diagrams and complicated functional equations with ease and on the fly. Through this instant visual communication, they can respond to student reactions to boost students’ awareness and retention.

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XP-Pen for online courses
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